Roastmax 5kg (RMS5)

Roastmax’s roasters were created out of the need to supply a high spec coffee roaster for the demanding Australian market featuring double skin drum, cast iron front plate, 4 motors all with speed control, & datalogger as standard. Find out more on their website.

Giesen 15kg (W15A)

The Giesen W15A Coffee Roaster is versatile and flexible, with a production capacity from 500 gr. up to 15 kg. Roast and cool at the same time to increase your production capacity. With our W15A you can roast 60 kg. per hour, which is an entire bag of coffee. Find out more at their website.

Access to Cropster

Cropster helps you monitor and manage every part of your roastery, doing the busy work you don’t have time for. Track your green coffee with automatic inventory adjustments and easily stay on top of cupping notes, production plans, production volumes, roast profiles, run out dates, and traceability. Access your roasting data anywhere you have an internet connection. Find out more at their website.


We can accept deliveries

We have a large roller door and space for accepting and holding deliveries for you.

Packing and grinding facilities

We have a station for packing coffee into bags and a sealer for sealing those bags. You can prepare deliveries in our space to send off. We have an EK43 grinder which you can use. We have a cupping station for you to cup your coffees. We want to create a space that will function as a roastery for you and we are open to suggestions, requests and changes.

Pallet racking storage and forklift access

We have pallet racking for storage of green as well as other items (like coffee bags or roasted coffee. We have a forklift which can be used).