Who are we?

Settlement is a co-roasting space in Adelaide, Australia. We are already roasting, and you can join us!

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What is available?

We have a 15kg Giesen, a 5kg Roastmax, a 1kg Bullet and access to cropster. We offer destoning, packaging, grinding, bean storage facilities. We can also accept deliveries.


Who can roast?

We welcome experienced and inexperienced roasters. You can work on your own or be guided by our Roaster Coaching.


1. Learn to roast

Our Roaster Coaching sessions are available at $200 p/hour. We can teach you everything you need to know to get started roasting.


2. Roast for yourself or your cafe

We provide everything you need to get roasting. Roasting your own specialty coffee can cost less than $17 per kilogram (including the coffee). Find out more about how this is possible here.


3. We roast for you

If you have your own coffee but not the time to roast, we can do that for you with our Contract Roasting service starting at $7 a kilo.

Contract roasting

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