About co-roasting


It goes by many names. Some call it a roasting collective, some call it a roaster for hire, or a collaborative roasting space. Whatever you call it, the premise is simple. You can have all the access you need to the equipment you need without owning it yourself.


What are the benefits?

The benefits are many. You don’t need to spend the money on the equipment yourself. There is reduced risk in starting a roastery or testing the water. You get access to facilities but also knowledgeable people in the industry, and so on. We think this is a sustainable path for roasteries going forward.


Who will use it?

Plenty of people are already using Settlement but we have more capacity to include you. Some people want to learn to roast, some want to start a roastery. There are cafes that want to become roasteries and save money without compromising on quality. This is a great way to do that.

Who uses Settlement?

What is on offer?

Three services

  1. You can learn with us through our Roaster Coaching
  2. You can start roasting quickly through our convenient online hiring form (we want this to be as convenient as possible)
  3. We can roast for you with Contract Roasting. You simply supply us the beans and our amazing roasters will roast them up for you
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We have two roasters that you can book at any time. There is a 5kg Roastmax, a 15kg Giesen and a 1kg Bullet. We can offer destoning and weighing green beans.



We have pallet racking storage available for hire. We are able to accept your deliveries. Beyond this, we have space for cupping, facilities for packing and sealing coffee bags. Essentially, we want to provide everything you need to operate a roastery.


Who are we?

Specialty coffee lovers

We are speciality coffee roasters with an aim to make specialty coffee roasting more accessible to all. 

Community focused

We want to bring people together, to learn from each other and we think this is a great thing for the industry.

Excited to talk to you

We are glad you are interested and we would like to chat to you. Please get in touch.